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Deaf -ICC World Cup T20 seven-day tournament to commence on 24th November 2018 at Teri Cricket Grounds, Gurugram, Haryana

  • Star Sports supports the cause as the title
  • Tournament to create awareness and promote sport as an activity for the specially-abled.
  • Will leverage new media platforms – Internet, mobile and radio broadcast to reach

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New Delhi, 31st October, 2018: Deaf Cricket Society, a registered society, announced that it will host the first ever Deaf T20 World Cup in India, as a member of the Deaf-International Cricket Council. This is the first edition of the cup. The Deaf Cricket Society (DCS) is an Independent Body promoting and organizing Cricket for the deaf in India, and is a member of the Deaf International Cricket Council (Deaf ICC).

The title sponsor for the Cup will be Star Sports, supporting sponsors include Tata Trust- Development Partner, Mahindra Logistics -logistics Partner, Bank of Baroda, OOK, Fortis Healthcare- Medical partner, Lemon Tree and Alston Elliot, India.

The World Cup T20 will see participation of teams from as many as 7 countries including the DCS team from India for the five-day-tournament to win the top honours as Deaf-ICC T20 World Cup holders. The tournament is being held between 23rd November and 30th November 2018 in the National Capital Region. Countries participating include Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, apart from host DCS from India.

Sumit Jain, General Secretary, Deaf Cricket Society commented “It is a matter of great pride that DCS is the hosting the Deaf-ICC World Cup T 20 which will be held here in Gurugram, Haryana. Instituting a competitive match has proven to be very important for the development of the hearing impaired in the world. Cricket as a team sport that has shown that it helps the players communicate better as well as they get a sense of achievement that does not come normally to them in other spheres of their lives. We hope that with World Cup being held here, it will bring in support that is needed to bring the hearing impaired into mainstream society.”

Gautam Thakar, Chief Executive Officer, Star Sports said “We are very pleased to be the title sponsors for The Deaf ICC T20 World Cup. It is our endeavour to constantly redefine the role of television as a catalyst of social change. We do that by introducing unique and socially accepted content for our audiences and back projects that include and promote sports in everyday life. The shift has paved the way for sports to become a much larger part of our nation and we believe, the journey has only just begun. We wish all the teams participating in the tournament good luck!”

Stefan Pichowski, Chairman, Deaf – International Cricket Council said, “This forthcoming Deaf Cricket T20 World Cup 2018 hosted by Deaf Cricket Society in India represents an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many talented hearing impaired cricketers fulfil their dreams of representing their countries. This memorable event shows that there are no barriers for the deaf cricket world as we seek for new life-changing achievements and accomplishments. Players and supporters, to this day, still recollect previous deaf cricket tournaments and no doubt, new heroes will be born within this World Cup. We must thank all the hard working members of DCS & Deaf-ICC behind the scenes to make this happen and to inspire many millions more talented deaf cricketers to follow suit.”


Team Details:

 A – India, B – Sri Lanka, C – Australia, D – Pakistan, E – Nepal, F – South Africa, G – Bangladesh 


S. No. Date Match Ground Time
1 Saturday 24 Nov 2018 India Sri Lanka A 9.30am
2 Saturday 24 Nov 2018 Australia Pakistan B 9.30am
3 Saturday 24 Nov 2018 Pakistan Sri Lanka A 1.30pm
4 Saturday 24 Nov 2018 Nepal South Africa B 1.30pm
5 Sunday 25 Nov 2018 Australia South Africa A 9.30am
6 Sunday 25 Nov 2018 India Bangladesh B 9.30am
7 Sunday 25 Nov 2018 South Africa Sri Lanka A 1.30pm
8 Sunday 25 Nov 2018 Bangladesh Pakistan B 1.30pm
9 Monday 26 Nov 2018 Australia Nepal A 9.30am
10 Monday 26 Nov 2018 South Africa Bangladesh B 9.30am
11 Monday 26 Nov 2018 India Pakistan A 1.30pm
12 Monday 26 Nov 2018 Sri Lanka Nepal B 1.30pm
13 Tuesday 27 Nov 2018 Nepal Bangladesh A 9.30am
14 Tuesday 27 Nov 2018 India South Africa B 9.30am
15 Tuesday 27 Nov 2018 Nepal India A 1.30pm
16 Tuesday 27 Nov 2018 Sri Lanka Australia B 1.30pm
17 Wednesday 28 Nov 2018 South Africa Pakistan A 9.30am
18 Wednesday 28 Nov 2018 Australia Bangladesh B 9.30am
19 Wednesday 28 Nov 2018 India Australia A 1.30pm
20 Wednesday 28 Nov 2018 Pakistan Nepal B 1.30pm
21 Thursday 29 Nov 2018 Bangladesh Sri Lanka A 9.30am
22 Thursday 29 Nov 2018 Semi Final Semi Final A 1.30pm
23 Thursday 29 Nov 2018 Semi Final Semi Final B 1.30pm
24 Friday 30 Nov 2018 Final Final A 10.00am


On ground commentary will be provided by well-known commentators, Prakash Wakhankar, Sunil Gupta & Ravi Kant Singh.

Deaf Cricket Society, started in 2012, is a non-profit voluntary organisation registered society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. It is also registered under the Persons with Disabilities Act of 1995. The DCS has 08 state level associations and over 500 players affiliated at various domestic cricket level tournaments in India. It is affiliated to the Deaf-ICC. DCS depends on of funds from corporate sponsors. DCS successfully organized 2nd T-20 Asia Cup in March 2017 at Dhaka, Bangladesh & T-20 Indian Deaf Premier League in April 2017.

As a Society, DCS organizes tournaments at School, Associations, District, Women, State, Zonal, National and international levels. It helps the local bodies to organize local level tournaments to spot talent, develop teams of coaches, physiotherapists, trainers, umpires and other team support personnel. It also provides players with necessary financial ormedical assistance when necessary. So far the Society has hosted as many as 12 Domestic and International tournaments including the first T-20 Cricket Championship for Deaf on 18– 27 November 2015 in Delhi.

Website:                                                                                                                                                                                  Twitter handle: deafcricket_ind Facebook: DeafCricketSociety                                                                                                                                                                          Linked In: deaf -cricket -society – india

Deaf-International Cricket Council
– was instituted to provide an opportunity, inclusion and pathway for Deaf cricketers to represent their country on the global stage. The inaugural Deaf-ICC AGM took place in Dubai, UAE, in March 2013 when it was attended by the following countries; Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka. The 50 overs DICC Championship 2016 followed at ICC Academy in Dubai Sports City. Four teams participated with Pakistan beating England, in the final, at the famous Sharjah Cricket Stadium with South Africa and India making up the rest of what was a successfully run tournament with thanks to the hosts; ICCA.

This is in line with a 10-year program starting in 2016 with bi-annual tournaments taking place on even-numbered years; 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024, 2026 etc. The T20 & 50 overs Deaf ICC World Cups will alternative accordingly.

Website: Twitter & Facebook Deaf ICC

Contact details                                                                                 For media queries

Sumit Jain, General Secretary, Deaf Cricket Society                                                                                                               Shauvik Ghosh                                                                 Mobile No +919990430233/+919582830667                                                                                                                         +919818093410